Target audience

My target audience is photography enthusiasts like me, fed up with looking at photos on the phone, who want a bit more context to an image and prefer to see pictures in a larger format. I'll throw in the occasional technical review, and some other photo-related information, like a travel blog, but always with lots of photos.

I'll also post some information related to programming, especially related to the development of this site and the platform it uses. So I might catch a few nerds from that as well.

Target devices (put down your phone)

The hot shit in commercial development is "mobile first". Everything must work on mobile, that's where most of the users are nowadays. That's where this site is a bit different. It will work and look ok on mobile devices, but it will be optimized for larger displays, with a resolution of 1080p or higher.

It will be tested against iPad and similar devices as well, but I'll put the least effort into making it great on mobile, mainly because I want to present my work in a large format, the larger the better ( think 4K monitors😎 ).

Navigating the site

There are a few shortcuts related to navigating this site.

  • The first is a quick way to get back to the front page. Just click the logo in the top, left corner.
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  • You can view any photo in full screen by clicking on it.
  • If you see metadata under a photo, you can filter all the images on the site by that metadata.
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This makes it possible to filter all images by either:

  • Camera make (like Fujifilm, Sony)
  • Camera model (like X-T5, or A7III)
  • Lens make (like Tameron or Viltrox)
  • Lens model (like XF 33mm f/1.4 or XF 16mm f/1.4)

You just click on the part of the metadata you want to use as a filter, and voila!

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  • You can also click on the info-sign to see more details about an image, like comments, and in the future, order prints.
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In summary

  • Use a tablet like an iPad or preferably a computer with a large screen when viewing this site.
  • Take your time; get yourself a drink or beverage, get comfy, put on some calming music, and spend some time here.
  • This site is supposed to be an antidote to the fast-paced, shallow, attention-grabbing form of current social media.

If you've read this far, -- thank you. You're probably one of my target audiences.